Ricardo Viana

Sr. Fullstack Engineer


Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, Docker (containerization), Server Configuration, Deployment, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Structured Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Algorithm Analysis, Cloud Deployment (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), Full-Stack Programming, Systems Analysis



Ricardo Viana is a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Visian Systems with extensive experience as a systems analyst in government institutions. With over a decade in the software development field, he is skilled in full-stack programming, including Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, and containerization with Docker. Ricardo is also knowledgeable in server configuration and deployment, with extensive experience in PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

Before joining Visian Systems, Ricardo spent ten years as a computer science professor, teaching structured programming, object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithm analysis, and related disciplines. He has also worked as a programmer at Ionatec and taught at UFPI, Fatepi, and UAPI.

Ricardo's professional goal is to further his knowledge and expertise in modern technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and cloud deployment, focusing on AWS, Google, and Azure.


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