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Project Overview

At Visian Systems, we specialize in creating personalized web applications. All our products can be integrated into other companies' websites and online services. One such tool we offer is the Voucher Wheel, allowing you to captivate your customers by enabling them to spin a lucky wheel and win a prize. It's an effective way to boost engagement and generate excitement.


Project Execution

We developed Voucher Whell using Python, Django, and Javascript. The tool can be fully customized through an intuitive admin portal, allowing easy adaptation to meet your needs. We created the wheel using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), ensuring the website is both responsive and adaptable. The Voucher Wheel has a variety of uses, such as a standalone squeeze page or a landing page designed to capture emails and build a newsletter list. Additionally, it can be incorporated as a plugin or popup to a website, further enhancing its functionality. Whether you choose to use it as a standalone page or integrate it into an existing website, Voucher Wheel is a versatile and valuable tool that can help you engage with your customers and achieve your business goals.


Project Results

Voucher Wheel has a modern tech stack, including Python, Django, and Javascript. We also utilized Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for all graphics, ensuring the website is resolution-independent and adaptable to any screen size. The Voucher Wheel is fully responsive, desktop and mobile-ready and comes with an anti-cheat system that guarantees fair prize draws by processing them in the backend. Additionally, the tool is highly customizable to meet your specific desktop and mobile platform requirements. One of the highlights of the Voucher Wheel is the sound-enabled spin feature that creates an engaging and exciting user experience. Overall our team delivered a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to captivate your audience and achieve your business goals easily.

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