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The Client

RiskXchange is a leading information security technology company, that helps companies of all sizes fight cyber threats by providing instant risk ratings. Their vision is to help organisations of all sizes manage their enterprise and supply chain security risk exposure, by providing a next-generation real-time security risk rating platform, capable of presenting easy to understand security risk and performance ratings for the board.

Project Overview

There were several key objetives in improving RiskXchange's platform. These include fixing errors in the server's SSL connection and repairing the broken migration file. The team also worked on enhancing the platform's overall development. One of the major challenges faced involves dealing with multiple errors, failed migration files, and issues with the seed data, which caused problems during the data dumping process. Alongside these improvements, the team have also started developing a chatbot for the RiskXchange platform.

Project Execution

The project involves a thorough review from the platform with the aim of improving the user experience. We identified several areas that needed attention, such as the lack of a general setup guide, the absence of Docker support, and an outdated README file.

Furthermore, we explored the use of Typescript to boost the platform's performance and address usability issues. Additionally, we worked to simplify the complexity of QueryLog and frontend endpoints to make the platform more user-friendly.

As a bonus, we've developed a chatbot for the platform to educate users about cybersecurity. This chatbot can answer users' questions related to cybersecurity. We integrated the latest ChatGPT API from OpenAI into the RiskXchange platform to ensure this was possible.

Project Results

We've successfully implemented several solutions that have made substantial improvements to RiskXchange's platform, positively impacting performance, usability, and the overall user experience. These solutions included rectifying errors in the server's SSL connection, fixing the broken migration file, and resolving the seed issue that had been causing problems during data dumping.

Moreover, we've introduced a chatbot to the platform, offering users a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity. This addition not only met our client's expectations but also adds significant value to the platform and enhances the experience for its users.

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