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The Client 

PhysioFrog is an application designed to offer top-notch guidance for maximizing injury prevention, recovery, performance, and overall well-being whether you are practising sports or not.


Project Overview

The development of the PhysioFrog application occurred in two distinct phases, commencing with the creation of the website and subsequently transitioning to the development of the mobile application. Furthermore, additional requirements were incorporated into the project during the latter phase. Both the website and the mobile app are designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible to individuals with varying levels of technological proficiency. The application provides tailored exercise routines, nutritional advice, tips for injury prevention, and strategies for post-injury recovery, all while placing a strong emphasis on safeguarding user privacy and ensuring security.

Project Execution

In order to meet the project requirements for the PhysioFrog app, we undertook a comprehensive approach. This included the creation of a mobile-compatible website and the development of a dedicated app using Flutter. The app features a user-friendly backend dashboard that adheres to our design style and UI guidelines. In the dashboard, users can access profiles, receive notifications, engage in social features, explore subscription and payment options, manage roles and permissions, and use convenient login/sign-up pages. Our team went the extra mile by incorporating numerous supplementary features into the app. These encompass a video cloud, exercise routines, 3D body animations, and interactive customization options designed to enhance the user experience. To facilitate online payments, we seamlessly integrated WooCommerce subscriptions and product vendors. Additionally, we introduced theme settings, headers/footers, and product categories, complete with login and register pages. To enhance user personalization, the app incorporates 3D modelling, a medical disclaimer, a questionnaire, and machine learning capabilities. These functionalities empower us to customize the app's content and recommendations according to each user's specific needs and preferences.

In addition, we have introduced an admin page to simplify data and content management for our clients. This feature streamlines the process of maintaining the app's relevance and currency for users.


Project Results

PhysioFrog app has successfully delivered high-quality guidance to users for injury prevention, recovery, performance enhancement, and well-being. The app offers personalized exercise programs, nutritional advice, injury prevention tips, and recovery strategies while placing a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. 

The development process encompassed two distinct phases, with website development preceding app development. This approach resulted in the creation of two user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible applications.

The PhysioFrog app provides a comprehensive and tailored health and wellness experience. The user-friendly interface, personalized exercise programs, nutritional guidance, injury prevention tips, and recovery strategies have empowered users to reach their health goals and enhance their overall quality of life. Additionally, the app's robust security features and personalized user experience have instilled confidence and peace of mind among users, making it a valuable and integral part of their daily routines.

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