Eswatini’s COVID-19 Vaccination

We helped digitalise the COVID-19 Vaccination data of the Kingdom of Eswatini

The Luke Commission
Nonprofit Organisation



Project Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global public health issue demanding governments act quickly and assure the safety of their nation. Amid this grievous scenario, information is a vital tool not only to help policymakers create effective strategies to mitigate the effects of the virus but also to keep the population well informed about the current situation of its country. Storing all this information to aid policymakers and the population requires well-structured and well-maintained databases. The Luke Commission, a nonprofit compassionate health organisation, contacted us to help with this task

Project Execution

We created a script to import CSV files containing all data about the Eswatini COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Then we fed the collected information to a database developed by our team. We guaranteed the data import had no errors, not only because it's a public health issue but also because of our commitment to delivering the best quality in our services to all our clients.

Project Results

The feedback we received for the project was extremely positive. The Eswatini COVID-19 vaccination campaign managed to achieve better results than expected. Because of that, we have been responsible for maintaining their server and database. We also make improvements to the database when is required.


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