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Customized monitoring networks for maximum security

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Project Overview

DNA-Tracker tailored its networks to the specific needs of clients entrusted with public safety and organizations that deal with broader security issues as well. The "Target Proximity Monitoring Systems" are custom-made to cater to the unique demands of different clients and ensure maximum security. Our participation in the project's frontend characterized by extreme efficiency and responsibility, which helped enhance the performance of the entire system.

Project Execution

To develop the user interface in the DNA-Tracker project, we utilized a Vue.js framework written in JavaScript. DNA-Tracker integrated various tools to achieve the highest levels of security. The monitoring systems are custom-built and incorporate geofencing technology to establish a virtual perimeter in a predefined area. These cutting-edge technologies allow the detection, identification, and tracking of any mobile device that enters the monitored zone. The system displays and processes all captured data in real time, ensuring 24/7 security. Every DNA-Tracker system undergoes round-the-clock performance monitoring supported by a comprehensive Network Support Package. And that was delivered by our team as part of a cost-effective leasing agreement. Regular service visits ensure that each component operates at their optimum performance levels and routine equipment upgrades are conducted as necessary.

Project Results

DNA-Tracker leverages advanced technologies and robust monitoring systems. It provides the highest levels of security to potential clients. Our round-the-clock support and regular maintenance visits ensure optimal performance at all times. That is what makes us the preferred choice for all your security needs. Our commitment to excellence and ability to provide customized solutions to our clients sets us apart from others in the industry. We collaborated closely with our clients to ensure all requirements were met. We can deliver systems customized to any specific needs. With our expertise and experience, we were able to offer innovative solutions and provide an effective measure to ensure the security of individuals and groups.

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