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Project Overview

TheGamesDotNet was a project that perfectly aligned with one of our company's main goals: to modernize services through technology. Our objective was to fully automate a website for betting on pub games, including Bonus Ball Bingo, Last Man Standing (soccer), and Naps League (horse racing), which had previously had to be manually input. We faced the challenge of developing an interactive webpage for users and administrators to use with ease, from the code to the web design.


Project Execution

In the website creation process, we encountered some obstacles that interfered with our initial development plans. We faced problems due to API integration limitations and payment platform policies for gambling. However, we are proud to have a diverse group of developers who worked together to develop alternative solutions to fix these issues without compromising the quality of our services. We utilized Bootstrap and Django frameworks, tools that we are highly skilled in, for the development of TheGamesDotNet's website. To create an efficient and secure payment system, we first integrated the website with Adyen, a Dutch company with expertise in business payments for e-commerce, mobile markets, and point-of-sale payments. However, due to the company's policy on gambling services, we had to develop a payment module with PayPal, allowing users to purchase credits to be spent on any available game bets.


Project Results

Our team successfully met all the project objectives for TheGamesDotNet's website in just a few months. We fully automated the website for betting on pub games, created a user-friendly interface that was easy to use for both users and administrators and implemented a fast and secure payment system. We completely upgraded the website, allowing users to register and create profiles, ensuring account security, and providing a payment system for placing bets. The website was designed from scratch, including website design, coding, and payment process. We had to ensure it was easy to maintain the whole website. Additionally, we extended our collaboration with our client by one year to provide maintenance to the website and ensure its continuous improvement.

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